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You'll laugh, You'll cry, You'll bleed out [entries|friends|calendar]
Blood, Fear, and the Will to Fight

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MOD NOTE [23 May 2006|10:52pm]

Okay guys. we're all caught up on claims-I'm giving you guys each a 3 week timelimit since I kind of let you all down. Please still be here!! And um...banners and stuff are gonna be coming.
RL kinda...bit me on the behind.

Anyway! Promote! And if you can think of people who'd affiliate then by all means affiliate!


I'm looking for a bannermaker mod and a general "policing" mod.

Bannermaking Mod: You'd help with the bannermaking and make banners for each person who'd completed a challenge. Something simple and general. :)

Policing Mod: You'd ah-remind me when we'd have claims and approve claims in my absence.

So! What do you say guys?
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[01 May 2006|12:57am]

Dead and Breakfast, by Seattle
Definitely not Work SafeCollapse )

The FAQ [27 Apr 2006|07:32pm]

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F.A.Q: (Def. Slang) Frequently asked questions on any number of topics)

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Survivors [27 Apr 2006|07:00pm]

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The How-To of the Survivors List

-Complete your claim on time. (If you asked for an Extension then within the timeline of the Extension)
-Comment here with a link to all of your claims (if it's on more then one post)
-Wait: In one to two days you'll recieve a "Survivor" badge. But will you brave the horror again?

The Claims ListCollapse )
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The Claims List [27 Apr 2006|06:58pm]

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The How-To of the Claims List.

-Join the community
-Comment here with your application.
-A Mod will Approve said Application, in addition to how long you have to complete the challenge.
-Start Making icons!

The Claims ListCollapse )
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