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F.A.Q: (Def. Slang) Frequently asked questions on any number of topics)

1.How does this work?

Like any typical icon community (such as say, icons100 or cinematic50. You pick a claim from the horror Genre, make 25 icons around a specific set of themes and 25 artist's choice icons.

2.What's the catch?

You have a timelimit of 1 Month. (That should be reasonable for anyone, and lord knows I'm not going to chase after you. You're given a starting date and time and an ending date and time as calculated by me. If you don't complete it by the ending date and time then your claim will be given up and you'll have to reapply.

3. Can I reapply with the same claim if I fail?
NO. You had your chance. Give it a week before you come back and reapply if you want to do the same claim. There are all sorts of things horror genre stuff out there for you to explore.

4.That's really mean!
I'm your mod and I've seen too many communities fall under that I've modded. I reserve the right to be evil, leave you in Silent Hill, strand you in a god-forsaken scottish glen, and feed you to my private pack of Ceberuses.

5.You're totally making me not want to join this community you WHOR!
I'm sorry, but I don't tolerate wank or trolls. Follow the rules and we'll get along fine. I'm a nice person once you get to know me.

6. Hmmph. Anyway, what can I claim?
You can claim any book, movie, video game, or comic as long as it's centered in the Horror Genre.

7. What about creature features?

I define Creature Feature Thusly:

Creature.Feature. (N).(Slang): A movie where monsters scare the crap out of you.

Since horror giants like Universal have used "creatures" for horror movies (the creature of the black lagoon, the wolfman, etc) I'm including creature features for your challenge. This means that any movie defined as a creature feature besides these (Jurassic Park, King Kong, Reign of Fire) is perfectly acceptable. As long as you sat in the theater and nearly wet your pants when the animal came on screen-it's okay. Chances are I've seen it. That and I'm an easygoing individual so-it's all good.

7. Okay Miss Smarty-Mun. What's up with "claiming a killer" or "Claiming a side?"

See the userinfo. If you liked the good guys in Resident Evil you can make an icon with all of the good guys. The catch being (THERE CAN BE NO BAD GUYS OR MONSTERS IN THEM). If you liked the bad guys in Silent Hill then you can claim them (WITH NO GOOD GUYS IN THE PICTURE). Claiming a killer is like claiming a character, except it can only be images of the killer-NO PICTURES OF HIS HANDIWORK MAY BE USED.

8. What do I get if I win?

...There is no Winning persay. However if you complete your claim in the allotted time limit then you get my undying love and affection, not to mention a nifty banner proclaiming you as a SURVIVOR.

9. Do I have to post all icons in one post?

Of course not. Post one, post two or three, or post all fifty it makes no nevermind to me. Keep in mind however, the more posts you use the more you'll have to link to the survivor list when your claim is completed.

9a: Should I tag my posts?
Yes. Please Tag them "Claim, (YOUR CLAIM) and username (YOUR USERNAME. or whatever you want to be called)

10. Can I promote my community here?

Of course. I'm not going to jump down your throat.

11. Can I promote my prettysparklyunicornmarysue community here?

....No. Otherwise I'll start asking that your community be horror or icon related. I detest sues, and I detest self-centered rating comms. The first person to post an "R U hottz" community promo gets banned.

12.....Can I post buttsex nekkidz0R pitkures of my sister and cousin together?.

....IF you feel the urgent need to talk like that, or post pictures of an indecent nature you'll be banned before you can say boo. and I'll be calling livejournal support on your ass. The Grammar police won't come after you, but come on-horror is of a reasonably adult and mature nature. If I find alot of kids are joining this community and talking about indecent things I'm going to put up an age limit.


Not here my friend.

14. ....Fine.

Fine. Like I said, follow the rules and we'll get along fine.

15. Walk me through the process So I don't offend your nazi regime

It's the only way to get things done

First, Select a claim. Preferably horror related.

MY CLAIM: Dog Soldiers. 2002.

Then, jump on over like a hopped up frog to This post and fill out the application in the userinfo.


USERNAME: [Bad username: thisisnotarealclaim]
Media: Movie
Claim: Dog Soldiers.

-Or. You can get into specifics.

USERNAME: [Bad username: thisisnotarealclaim]
Media: Movie
Claim: Dog Soldiers. SPOON.


-this claim, will be totally ignored.

USERNAME: i pee freely
Media: ....that moving pictkure thinkg
Claim: That one about the wereolves.

-this claim, if you can prove how you'd make it work, will be excepted PROVIDED YOU MAKE IT WORK TO ME.

USERNAME: [Bad username: thisisnotarealclaim]
Media: Movie
Claim: Dog Soldiers. SPOON's ASS.

....You'll get severe looks, and fall out of my good graces, but if you have nothing but ass-shots of the man and you feel you can meet the criteria in the userinfo then by all means give it a try.

With me?

16. How do I claim books?
Most books with a horror theme have been adapted to screen, but if they haven't then you have the option of making text icons or presenting art from the book for your icons.

17. What's a Text Icon?

See fandomoncrack for more information.
because obviously you've been living in a cave.

18. Is fanart acceptable?

Initially I'd say no, but because of the sheer volume of Fanart available for some games, we're going to go with yes-however you must CREDIT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST.

19. There are these things I've heard about tables-
Alas, I lack the skills to make you a table in html. However, if you have said skills please comment. You'get a special badge. Or maybe I'll make you a mod.

20. Will there be mod-positions?

Once we've gotten a few members we're going to be looking for a co-mod and a bannermaker.

21. What's up with the "themestamp" thing and will there be contests?

The Horror Genre is so wide that every month we're going to be changing the theme. (this month, as you can see-it's the silent hill film.)

Yes, there will be contests, but let's focus on getting a few claims in first shall we?

22.Are you always gonna be this bitchy?
Only if you aggrevate me
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