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You'll laugh, You'll cry, You'll bleed out

50 icons of the horrible, macabre, and gruesome

Blood, Fear, and the Will to Fight
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1.Read the community rules and JOIN THE COMMUNITY. That means go to the little sentence at the top of the community page and click "Join Community" button. PLEASE JOIN UNDER THE USERNAME YOU WILL BE POSTING AS.

2.Once that's done, fill out an application.

Note:I've mentioned two new options in reguards to claims.
Claim a side: Did you fall in love with a set of villians in a particular video game? Do you want to make icons proclaiming your love for the "villians" of Resident Evil or Silent hill? Then "Claim" BAD GUYS OF RESIDENT EVIL or, alternatively GOOD GUYS OF SILENT HILL And yes, this is all encompasing. If you claim the bad guys of Resident Evil, you can do the bad guys from ALL THE GAMES.
Claim a Killer: Essentially like claiming a character. Claim a Killer from a particular series or film and do 50 icons of the Killer, the catch being that it must be "OF THE ACTUAL KILLER" and not of his handiwork (so you could do Jigsaw, but You'd have to do fifty icons of just him, the creepy puppet, or the guy in the hog mask. No victims, and no traps.)
Questions? Comments? VISIT THE FAQ

Check out our Claims list HERE
Check out the completed claims listHere

3.Do not make inappropriate Posts.

4. Promotion is okay, if its for a horror/Thriller related community/icon challenge community.

5. Please place all icons behind a cut. If there is extremely non-work safe material behind the cut then please warn us first!

6.Inappropriate behavior/cursing will not be tolerated. These are MOVIES folks. Sick and crude behavior will result in immeadite banning.

7.Have Fun! That's the whole point of this community!

You didn't imagine that we'd do a challenge community without Having specifics did you? You make fifty icons and twenty five of those can be artist's choice. The other twenty five however must follow these specific horror/thriller related themes:









11.Uh Oh


13.I Failed

14.The Killing Dance

15.Theatre of the Mind

16.Haunting You


18.Law and Order

19.The Good Guys

20.The Bad Guys


23.Help me.

24.My Sacrifice

25.Love in Times of Duress

So you follow me on this? You can make 25 Artist's choice icons and the rest must be in relation to these 25 themes! Interpret them however you wish!

Your Mods are blackswanevent and darkspectre






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